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February 2010:

Matty Jackson!

Jackson 5-aside Football Fun

Despite the very recent and sudden death of ‘The World’s Greatest Pop Star’, the H2 office stuck to Plan A and fielded its Jacko Tribute Team for a weekend football tournament in Shrivenham.

Sounds like a great crack, doesn’t it?

As we entered the crowded and noisy recreation ground, ablaze with serious footballers in their colourful kits, someone suddenly pressed the mute button. A chill wind came from nowhere, and a beautifully-timed tumble-weed rolled its way across the grass. Our fate was sealed. We were pariahs and no amount of skill on the pitch would change that.

Football is a game of life and death … only more serious. Introduce humour and satire at your peril. Costumes notwithstanding, we acquitted ourselves well on the pitch and moon-walked our way to the occasional goal. A wonderful weekend was had by all, though the skin-tight trousers proved a serious handicap in our efforts to outmanoeuvre the opposition. It was a great workout though, especially for our belly muscles.

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